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As an ex-military professional who has worked in military recruitment and training, as well as being a military fitness instructor, I know what you are looking for when it comes to thinking about joining the military, what is involved in military training and how to get fit for it.


@MilFitInstitute is on a mission to become the 'go to' website for military-orientated information and training packages.


We will achieve this by providing our readers with the most up to date and comprehensive information available, written in a clear and logical manner.

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We use a variety of resources to provide our readers with the most up to date and comprehensive web resource.

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Andrew Marshall

Founder & Editor

Our website will provide our readers with all the information they need to know regarding Outdoor Fitness, Fitness Boot Camps, Military Fitness and Military Training in the UK and [eventually] further afield.

We will also provide our readers with evidence-based summaries of contemporary and historical research, HR, news and other stuff relevant to the area of military training and the fitness industry.

I am a sixteen year veteran of the British Army (October 1990 to August 2006) and qualified as a military fitness instructor in 1996. I started working in the commercial fitness boot camp and military fitness market in 2000, and have worked as an Instructor and Manager across the UK (Southampton, Edinburgh, Newcastle & Glasgow); now living in Secret Harbour, Western Australia.

I am a husband and father of three kids, and I use the following fitness modalities: loaded marches, press-ups, weight training & burpees!